Tax Information for Brokerage Accounts

Find out what's new for this year's taxes. Plus, access your current and historical tax information online by visiting the Tax Statements section of your account history.

Tax Information for Retirement Accounts

These FAQs address Scottrade's completion of IRS tax forms for retirement accounts. Scottrade does not provide tax, legal or investment advice.

Taxes & Earnings

The U.S. tax system is complicated and the rules surrounding it change frequently. The majority of the time, however, how you're taxed is based on the source of your income.

Tax-Deferred Investing

Investing in a tax-deferred retirement account allows you to postpone paying taxes on your earnings.

Tax-Efficient Investing

You can purchase taxable investments, but minimize the amount of tax you pay by purchasing a tax-efficient mutual fund. A tax-efficient fund can reduce your taxes by decreasing the income earnings and capital gains distributed to their shareholders.

Alternative Minimum Tax

The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) was designed to ensure that those who are eligible for special tax deductions and credits still pay a minimum amount of taxes to the government.

Municipal Bonds & Taxes

The old adage is there are two things certain in life: death and taxes.While this is certainly true, there are ways to invest without increasing your tax burden.

Borrowing to Buy a Tax-Exempt Bond

Taxpayers may, in some instances, claim an interest deduction for debt that is incurred to purchase or carry investments.

Wash Sale Rules

The IRS created the 'wash sale' rule to prevent investors from recognizing artificial losses by first selling a security for a loss and then repurchasing the same security within a short period of time.