Advanced Orders

Good 'til Canceled (GTC) and Good 'til Date (GTD) Orders

Good until Canceled (GTC) and Good until Date (GTD) orders allow you to specify the time duration of certain trades. They are referred to as Time in Force designations for trades and can be applied to any buy or sell order that is entered with a limit, stop, stop limit, and any advanced order type. The time schedule associated with GTC and GTD orders is explained in this article.

One Cancels Other Order (OCO)

Commonly called a bracket order, a one-cancels-other (OCO) order allows for two orders to be placed simultaneously. If one order executes, the other order is automatically cancelled.

One Cancels All Order (OCA)

A One Cancels All (OCA) order group is a combination of orders that work together. You enter at least two orders as part of an OCA order group. If one order executes, then the remaining orders will be automatically cancelled.

Conditional Order (CO)

A conditional order (CO) is an order to buy or sell a security based on a particular market event such as a stock reaching its 52-week high or low, trading at a certain volume level or price, or increasing/decreasing by a specific % or $ change.