Banking Services

Scottrade Bank Offers Convenience & Efficiency

Make banking as accessible as trading with the new online Scottrade Bank. Featuring the standard banking transactions you need, and the ability to easily move and manage your finances through banking and brokerage accounts accessed with a single login. Plus, Scottrade Bank is now available on your favorite mobile device simply by logging in to Banking at


No Monthly Service Fees
Enjoy the convenience of online banking with no maintenance, withdrawal, transfer or ATM fees*, including most cash withdrawal fees charged by other banks’ ATMs*!


Multiple Account Types
Earn interest on the funds in your checking account, open a savings account or enjoy the benefits of an interest-bearing Money Market account combining the best features of both.


Overdraft Protection
Ease your worries about overdrawing funds with overdraft protection, provided by linking your bank accounts.

Manage Bills – and Automate Payments – at Your Convenience

Scottrade Bank offers the ability for clients with checking or money market accounts to pay bills online. To pay bills online using funds from an eligible Scottrade Bank account, go to the Banking tab of your brokerage account and click Online Bill Pay in the left navigation menu. Before you can begin paying bills online, you will be asked to read and accept the Online Bill Pay Agreement.

Our online banking features let you:
    -  Pay bills or individuals
    -  Obtain electronic bills
    -  Schedule recurring payments

View our Online Bill Pay Demo to better understand all the benefits available to you. Don't worry, no information will be saved and no actual payments will be made.

Making Online Banking Work for You

Online banking offers you the ability to manage financial transactions in a secure online setting instead of through a physical bank. Using the Account Maintenance & Services tab, you can track your transactions and review up to 18 months of banking activity, enabling you to better manage your funds.

With Scottrade, you have the added convenience of linking multiple banking accounts with your Scottrade brokerage account(s), so you can be assured of easy access to your funds.

Get Easy Access to Your Account with a Free Scottrade Bank ATM/Debit Card

To ensure easy access to funds in your online banking account, the Scottrade Bank ATM/Debit Card offers unlimited withdrawals from your checking account and the ability to access cash anytime, anywhere nationwide. We’ll even refund most withdrawal fees charged by other banks’ ATMs*. And, for extra convenience, you can fully manage your Scottrade Bank ATM/Debit Card online.

With the ability to manage ATM/debit cards through your online bank account, you can:
    - Order new or replacement cards in less than five minutes
    - Report a lost or stolen card without having to remember your card number
    - Link multiple Scottrade Bank accounts to the same card so all your funds are easily accessible from one location

To make sure your money will always be available when you need it, select Account Services & Maintenance from the left menu and choose Manage ATM/Debit Card(s).



The Brokerage account has been designated as restricted by Scottrade. The creation of a new Scottrade Bank account is not allowed at this time. Please contact Scottrade Customer Service at 1-800-619-SAVE (7283) for assistance.

View a full list of fees associated with Scottrade Bank accounts >>



*Unlimited ATM fee refunds apply to cash withdrawals using the ATM/Debit Card wherever it is accepted. ATM fee refunds only apply to fees assessed for using an ATM to withdraw cash from your Scottrade Bank account. Scottrade's ATM fee refund policy does not include currency exchange fees, fees imposed by merchants for POS transactions, fees for stamp purchases, or any transactions other than an ATM cash withdrawal from a Scottrade Bank account. Scottrade Bank makes its best effort to identify those ATM fees eligible for refund, based on information it receives from MasterCard and ATM operators. In the event that you have not received a refund for a fee you believe is eligible, please contact your local Scottrade brokerage branch office for assistance.