At Scottrade, Real Value is More than $7 Trades, Compare Brokers and See for Yourself

When you compare Scottrade with other brokers, it’s easy to see why our clients believe we’re much more than just $7 trades. Clients gain access to a huge variety of stock market research, education and easy-to-use trading tools, including real-time streaming quotes, to potentially assist any investment strategy. There are no inactivity fees or account maintenance fees. Scottrade will even refund up to $100 in transfer fees charged by other brokers† . At Scottrade, we offer in-depth, one-on-one support online, over the phone and in our network of 500+ branch offices. See for yourself how we stack up against our competitors.

Comparison Results: Tuesday, January 13 2015 03:18:01 EST-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)


  Scottrade E*Trade TD Ameritrade Charles Schwab Fidelity

Pricing - Online Trades


$6.99 - $9.99 




Minimum Initial Deposit




($2,000 for Margin/Options)***



Account Maintenance Fees






Pricing - Options

$7 + $1.25

per contract

$6.99 - $9.99 + $0.75

per contract

$9.99 + $0.75

per contract

$8.95 + $0.75

per contract

$7.95 + $0.75

per contract

Real-Time Streaming Quotes

Free (for non-

Free (for non-professionals)*****

Free (for non-professionals)*****

Free (for non-professionals)*****

Platform conditions apply

FDIC Insurance Coverage






Number of Mutual Funds







Number of Branch Offices Nationwide






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Prices for competitors were obtained on Tuesday, January 13, 2015 and are believed to be accurate, but not guaranteed. Some of the firms listed above may reduce or waive commissions or fees, depending on account activity or total account value. Mutual fund information is believed to be accurate as of the acquisition date – January 13, 2015.  

* Online market and limit equity orders are just $7 for stocks priced $1 and above. For stocks priced under $1, add 1/2% of the principal value to the commissions shown. Some foreign and pink sheet stocks must be traded with broker assistance for a $32 commission. Commissions are charged on a per order basis. Limit orders executed over multiple days and orders modified after a partial execution on the same day will be treated as separate orders for commission calculation purposes. The quarterly account maintenance fees imposed by other brokers may be waived if your account meets minimum balance and/or trading requirements. 

** The Fidelity Account ®

*** The minimum initial deposit may change based on the account type, or it may be modified by special promotional offers. A $2,000 minimum deposit is required to be considered for a margin account or options privileges. 

**** $1000 minimum can be waived when customers agree to transfer $100 monthly to their Charles Schwab brokerage account using Schwab MoneyLink.  

***** Professional designation based on account type or holder as defined by the exchanges. Scottrade deems account designation based on subscriber status.  

Terms & Conditions 

† Scottrade will reimburse the account transfer fees up to $100 charged by another broker when you transfer your account with a value of $10,000 or more to Scottrade. You must apply for the fee reimbursement offer by completing and submitting a Scottrade Account Transfer Reimbursement Request form and a statement providing proof of imposed transfer fees. Account Transfer Reimbursement Request forms and proof of transfer fees can be mailed, faxed or personally delivered to your local Scottrade branch office. Reimbursement will be made to your account via a credit within 30 days of receipt of the Account Transfer Reimbursement Request form and proof of transfer fees. The transfer reimbursement does not currently have a termination date. However, Scottrade reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time without prior notice or extend the offer at its sole discretion. Void where prohibited. 

††Details on FDIC insurance provided herein are for informational purposes only and may not be complete. Restrictions may apply. Investors should contact individual firms for complete coverage details. For more information on Scottrade's FDIC coverage click here.