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Scottrade offers all the market research tools and resources you need to become a confident, self-directed investor. Research the market with our free online market research, get fast stock quotes or use our advanced products and platforms to find investment products and tactics that fit your investment strategy.

Customers enjoy free access to:

  • Online market research and tools
  • Exclusive content from Standard & Poor’s, Dow Jones and more
  • A market calendar that identifies important economic events, IPOs, earnings, dividends and splits
  • Analyst reports, upgrades and downgrades
  • Sector and industry comparisons
  • Advanced charts with multiple indicators
  • Scottrade SmartText™, which puts indicators and charts in plain English to help you spot trends and see numbers in context, making them easy to read and understand
  • In-person and online education opportunities.
  • Mobile trading with access to watch lists and market research