What's New in ScottradeElite?

Drive your financial strategy on a powerful platform designed for active stock and options traders. Our mission is to provide a sophisticated experience by delivering exceptional client support, extensive free education, and robust trading tools.

With automated independent investment research tools, advanced charting features and comprehensive news, ScottradeELITE connects you to the markets and can help you find your next trading opportunity.

Here are the latest updates to our premium trading platform:




ScottradeELITE screen

6 New Ways to Use ScottradeELITE:

1. Try New Trade Ideas® Channels Layout Before You Buy

Trade Ideas1 is a real-time stock analysis tool that filters the market based on statistical and technical analysis criteria identified by you. The next generation in pre-trade analysis tools, Trade Ideas enables strategy optimization and opportunity detection for any of today’s market conditions.

  • At no cost, explore Trade Ideas for 14 days.
  • Subscribe for only $15 per month and get the same functionality as Trade Ideas Pro®.
  • Model your trading plans in an easy-to-navigate, graphical interface.
  • Use Trade Ideas together with ScottradeELITE’s advanced trading tools (charts, news and research, etc.) to help identify new opportunities, develop trading scenarios, manage risk and validate market trends.






2. Gain Access to Unique Content from Recognia®1 Market Newsletter to Optimize Your Trading Strategy2

  • Sign up for free, daily trade ideas delivered to your inbox an in e-newsletter format (available in English, Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese).
  • Newsletter content includes the following:
    • Three bullish and three bearish ideas based on classic chart patterns
    • A brief description of the trend
    • A thumbnail chart image that launches Recognia’s website
  • Allows traders to rapidly:
    • Realize trading prospects
    • Confirm trading decisions based on the price action
    • Manage risk





Recognia® Market Newsletter

3. Manage Layouts in a Single Click with Quick Access Bar

  • Choose one of three preset Scottrade layouts for easy setup.
  • Easily distinguish between default, custom and Scottrade preset layouts.
  • Change your system settings to show or hide the Quick Access Bar.
  • Experience similar layout style and functionality found in legacy ScottradeELITE.





Manage Layouts

4. Get Access to Self-Directed Investment Research that Leverages the Benefits of Computer Automation and Analysis

  • Recognia® AlertWire™ to Spot Potential Trading Opportunities and Manage Risk
    • Receive free, daily trade ideas, technical analysis on stocks and significant market developments in a news feed format.
    • Automates the financial decision-making process by offering active research for new and experienced traders alike.
    • Displays headlines of emerging chart patterns to illustrate key price developments, helping traders find opportunities with confidence.
  • Get Access to Recognia® Strategy Builder™ to Get Deeper Insight into a Trade Opportunity
    • Identify and analyze complementary strategies for selecting investment candidates.
    • Receive opportunities tailored to a range of styles and research preferences, complete with alert notification.
    • Walk through a guided, educational online experience to help you discover and evaluate strategies for selecting stocks.
    • Allows both novice and advanced traders to build strategies based on technical and fundamental analyses.
    • Build a community of followers and enable sharing of strategies and models.
    • Provides hypothetical trading scenario capabilities that allow your strategies to be tested against up to 5 years of historical stock market data.
    • Get started today using pre-defined strategy screens or create your own strategy screens and see what others are watching in the marketplace.
  • Get Access to Recognia® Technical Insight™ to Uncover Countless Ideas Based on Your Trading Preferences
    • Find, validate and time your trades with clear and actionable interpretation.
    • Locate trade opportunities based on automated technical and fundamental analysis, chart pattern recognition, and historical data.
    • Manage risk by setting up alerts for any new trade opportunities or any significant changes to your stocks of interest.
  • Get Access to Recognia® Value Analyzer™ to Recognize Value Investments and Help You Build a Portfolio of Value Equities
    • Provides a list of pre-screened investment ideas that are updated daily and organized by industry groups.
    • Uses value-based investing industry research to recognize if an equity is potentially overvalued or undervalued.
    • Certifies ideas using value analysis that classifies the value of the equities based on key value investing metrics.





Recognia Tools

5. More Ways to Manage Your Watch Lists

Using the Watch List menu or right-click functionality, you can do the following and more:

  • Build a custom watch list to monitor securities that most interest you.
  • Monitor securities in up to 500 watch lists at once.
  • Place a trade.
  • Receive alerts about changes to a security.
  • Load a security in one of eight other windows on the ScottradeELITE platform.
  • Apply headings to organize and separate groups of securities within a list.
  • Add options to your watch list directly from an option chain.





Manage Watch Lists

6. Get Started on New ScottradeELITE with the Configuration Wizard

  • Explore and configure key tools, such as Order Entry, Charts, Watch Lists, and more.
  • Subscribe to premium data services, streaming news sources, newsletters, and news feed providers instantly.
  • Choose from preset layouts, themes, font sizes, and select your streaming data preferences.





Configuration Wizard

Recent Updates

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