What's New in ScottradeElite?

You’re one click away from a sophisticated trading system designed with trader input to help you achieve your financial goals. With ScottradeELITE, innovation meets efficiency on a feature-rich platform that offers self-directed trading tools, powerful resources, leading research and a fully customizable interface.

Recent updates in the April 2015 release can help you to further customize your ScottradeELITE experience. Check out the following new features and enhancements.




ScottradeELITE screen

4 New Ways to Use ScottradeELITE:

1. Use advanced chart features to plan, manage and execute your trades from a single window. Updates include:

  • Day/Month/Year Break Lines. Get a visual representation of larger time frames when you select Show Break Lines in the Chart tab.
  • Improved Chart Configuration Window. Display and color settings are organized by individual tabs to help you personalize your charts.
  • Set up a hot key to export your custom chart data or to display a time range on your chart.
  • Set Advance/Decline Issues Indicators to calculate the underlying strength or weakness of the market. Advance Decline data selections include:
    • Advance Decline Difference (default)
    • Advance Decline Cumulative Line
    • Advance Decline Ratio
    • Advance Decline Percent
    • Absolute Breadth Index
    • Optional Moving Average
  • Memory Usage Enhancements, Performance Improvements and Defect Fixes. As part of our commitment to bring you the latest technology, you can count on regular enhancements to our premium trading platform.





Updated Charts

2. Manage custom templates based on your research and trading strategy.

  • With our latest Template Manager menu enhancements, you can:
    • Build a new template from scratch.
    • Create a new template from an existing template.
    • Set a default template.
    • Delete all templates.
  • Access your templates from most window menus and shortcut (right-click) menus.





Manage Custom Templates

3. Use Zacks Predefined Screener1 to uncover stocks that may meet your risk tolerance and return goals.

  • Leverage pre-built stock screening strategies used by many investors to find top stocks.
  • Save time with a screener that finds the types of companies that meet your exact criteria and excludes companies that do not meet your financial objectives.
  • Manage data using sortable columns.
  • In one click, save your list as an Excel file to store and modify anytime or anywhere.





Zack's Predefined Screener

4. Rename an existing Watch List.

  • Replace the active Watch List name with a new name when tabs are shown or hidden from view.
  • In a few short steps, overwrite your current list from the tab or menus.





Rename Watch List

Recent Updates

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