What's New in ScottradeElite?

Discover our premium trading platform, designed with trader input, to help streamline your decision-making process using advanced technical indicators, stock scanners and robust charting.

The June 2015 release offers you more ways to customize your trading environment, compare the performance of securities and use preset scans and filters to find relevant information for your strategy. Look for additional features soon as we continue working to improve your trading experience.




ScottradeELITE screen

3 New Ways to Use ScottradeELITE:

1. Manage Zacks Predefined Screener1 data to find companies that meet your trading goals.

  • Sort data by column header.
  • Leverage tooltips for all column headers to get descriptions of companies that interest you.
  • Save it as a Watch List.
  • Select the “Meets Zacks Criteria” check box to only display results that currently meet Zacks criteria.
  • Enter symbol to filter down to a single security.
  • Click the Reset button to clear the filters and display the default list.





Zacks Predefined Screener

2. Discover upcoming and recent events for the security you’re monitoring.

  • The new Events column shows five event types across four windows.
    • Event types available:
      • Dividends
      • Splits
      • Offerings (IPO and SPO)
      • Zacks Predefined Screener items
      • Earnings (historical earnings2 and future earnings3)
    • Available windows:
      • Watch List
      • Positions
      • Detailed Quote
      • Top Performers
  • Add the new column to your windows by using the Configure option from the top-left window menu. 
  • Hover over the icon to view event details.
  • Earnings and Dividends show upcoming events 3 weeks ahead in all 4 windows. Charts displays all historical earnings available, and earnings 3 weeks ahead.
  • All event types show historical events for the past 5 days.
  • Events are in context to the pricing information and may help you to see relationships.





My Watch List updates

3. Set the Support and Resistance indicator to help identify and follow potential price trends.

Using the Support and Resistance indicator can help you:

  • Spot a trading range.
  • See transitions in trends.
  • Identify continuation patterns.
  • Detect gaps.
  • Automatically plot all of your horizontal support and resistance levels.





Support and Resistance Indicators

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