What's New in ScottradeElite?

Take your trading strategy to the next level with the powerful, intuitive ScottradeELITE® platform. ScottradeELITE offers access to streaming quotes, independent investment research tools, comprehensive news and dynamic charts to help active traders identify opportunities in today’s competitive financial market.

The October 2015 release boasts 7 new features, outlined below. Look for more additions soon as we continue working to enhance your trading experience.




ScottradeELITE screen

7 New Ways to Use ScottradeELITE:

1. Get actionable data from the new IPO
    Calendar window.

  • See a detailed summary of historical and upcoming initial
        public offerings.
  • View IPO ratings, price range, expected symbol, expected trade date
        and deal value.
  • Sort or filter data by column headings, save data to a watch list or
        trade from the window.*





 IPO Calendar window

2. Search Recognia® AlertWire™1 stories to find
    technical events that interest you.

  • Filter stories by date and type, and then sort the results by
        column heading.
  • View Recognia® event details along with a chart displaying the
        chart pattern.
  • Trade directly from the Recognia® AlertWire™ window.





Search Recognia AlertWire

3. Updated Bollinger Band Width Indicator to track
    market volatility and price movement.

  • Add this oscillator indicator to your chart to measure market volatility     and use the new “band” line to highlight levels in the upper
        price pane.
  • Identify the consolidation period of a price and stay informed about     potential upcoming price breakouts.
  • Increase the value of the band line to generate more frequent signals     from extreme lows in volatility, or decrease the value of the band line     to see less frequent signals.





Updated Bollinger Band Width Indicator

4. Set up the new Pivot Spread Indicator to identify
    low-volatility cycles and potential price breakouts.

  • Detect low-volatility cycles and when a prospective price breakout
        may occur.
  • Highlight extreme contractions between upper and lower pivots.





Set up the new Pivot Spread Indicator

5. Discover intraday reversals with the Divergence on
    Volume Indicator.

  • Spot intraday reversals in a non-trending market by viewing the net     difference between volume on the bid and volume on the ask,     displayed as a histogram. Positive values represent buying pressure;     negative values represent selling pressure.
  • If a new high is made within the indicator look-back length and there     is a negative indicator value (selling pressure), then a downward     arrow signals a possible downturn.
  • If a new low is made within the indicator look-back length and there is     a positive indicator value (buying pressure), then an upward arrow     signals a possible upturn.
  • Adjust the look-back length to a shorter length for more signals, and a     longer length for fewer signals.
  • This indicator works on intraday time frames only.
  • This indicator uses tick data, which is not available historically. Data     will display only from the time it was added going forward. It should     be added to your chart at the beginning of the trading session,     allowing the indicator to display data for the entire trading session.





intraday reversals with the Divergence on Volume Indicator

6. Set the McClellan Oscillator Indicator to measure
    market breadth.

  • This oscillator measures the underlying strength or weakness of the     market by examining the relationship of
        advancing-to-declining issues.
  • Get a visual representation of potential overbought and oversold     market conditions.





McClellan Oscillator Indicator

7. Load the last layout used instead of a default
    layout when ScottradeELITE launches. 

       With Layout Manager, set up ScottradeELITE to load your last-used layout
       when you log on or load a layout you have chosen as the default.*
            * When selected, this setting overrides a layout saved as your default.





Load the last layout used

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