What's New in ScottradeElite?

ScottradeELITE’s customizable interface makes it easier for you to design a trading platform that aligns with your personal strategy. Choose from any of our industry-standard trading and analysis tools to track market trends, stay on top of important developments that occur and make informed decisions that best complement your trading style.

The January 2016 release introduces several new features and enhancements, outlined below. Check back with us soon as we continue working to elevate your trading experience.





ScottradeELITE screen

8 New Ways to Use ScottradeELITE:

1. Layouts get a new look and location.

  • A new Layouts tab, located at the top of the screen, replaces the
        Layout Manager windows. Accessing a layout is designed to be
        easier, faster and more intuitive than ever. 
  • From the Layouts tab menu, you can view or select the following
    • Create a new layout.
    • Load a preset layout from the layout list.
    • Save a layout.
    • Rename a layout.
    • Set a specific default layout from the list or choose to always
          load the last-used layout as your default layout.
    • Delete a layout.
    • Right-click on a specific tab to move, rename or close that tab.

                              Note: ScottradeELITE retains 200 layouts maximum.





Layouts get a new look and location

2. Choose to receive an updated version of
    ScottradeELITE now or later.

  • Place trades at market open without waiting for a download to finish. 
  • When a new version of ScottradeELITE is released, you can accept or
        postpone the update.
  • For delayed updates, the download is required at 6 p.m. ET the day
        following the release. 





Search Recognia AlertWire

3. Calculated symbol quoting and charting.

        Use this powerful new feature to consolidate several different symbols
        together using operators such as addition, subtraction or division and
        view them as a single streaming quote or chart.

        There are several types of calculated symbols:

  • Ratio divides one symbol by another using the colon character. 
  • Pair subtracts one symbol from another using the minus character.
  • Consolidated (additive) adds the sum of up to 10 symbols using the
        plus character. (SYMBOL1+SYMBOL2+SYMBOL3)
        Calculated symbols are also supported when charting multiple symbols.
        Just use a comma to separate the symbols as you would when charting
        regular symbols.
        For example:


        You can enter calculated symbols in the Charts, Watch Lists and
        Detailed Quote windows.

        The new feature allows you to monitor quotes, and view price data on
        charts in an expanded way. There are multiple ways in which this
        feature can help you monitor your investment goals. For example, you
        may use the ratio to view relative strength, or the pair when trading a
        pairs strategy. You can even use the additive to chart custom

        The ratio feature compares two symbols, thus determining which is
        performing better at any given point in time. In comparing
        symbol A to symbol B by means of a ratio, a rising line would indicate
        outperformance by symbol A, whereas a falling line would show
        underperformance by symbol A.

        This is especially useful when looking for the best performing stocks or
        indices. As noted, it is a way to gauge the relative strength of one
        symbol versus another, and this resulting relative strength line may
        sometimes record new highs (or lows) in advance of a price breakout.
        This may signal that a stock is under accumulation or distribution.

        Individual stocks can also be compared against an index benchmark such
        as the S&P500, or against its own sector. For example, you may wish to
        compare a stock’s performance against a market index first, and then
        against its own sector to get an objective look at whether or not it’s
        keeping up with or underperforming other similar stocks. 

        Ratio Examples:      Symbol1:Index        Symbol1:Sector

        View the difference between two symbols as a pair by subtracting one
        symbol from another, typically done with two symbols that have strong
        historical correlation. The resulting spread or net difference can be
        tracked as a single symbol, and be traded by going long one stock and
        short the other in the known “Pairs Trading” strategy.
        Another type of calculated symbol uses the + character to add symbols
        together, allowing you to create your own portfolio consisting of as
        many as 10 securities.

        This portfolio can be charted as a single security, or you may use the
        comma to add a benchmark security to see how that portfolio would
        have performed against the benchmark.
        Other possibilities also include mixing the different types of calculated
        symbols to get a more detailed look at relative performance. Several
        ratios could be plotted that compare multiple stocks within a
        sector – and even an index. You could also compare the various ratio
        charts to that index.





Updated Bollinger Band Width Indicator

4. Add Wilder Volatility Breakout Indicator to your
    chart to measure market volatility and plan your
    next move.

  • By measuring the Average True Range (ATR) of a stock or index, this
        indicator can help you spot those points when volatility expansion
        potentially triggers the start of a new trend. 
  • When volatility expands and a stock or index breaks out of a trading
        range, it frequently signals a change to a period of higher volatility
        and a possible directional move.





Set up the new Pivot Spread Indicator

5. Use the new Web Browser to visit websites
    without leaving the platform.

  • The browser defaults to the Scottrade® Quotes and Research page,
        so you can explore news, analysis and online tools to research your
        trades before you buy or sell.
  • Save the browser window to your layout to promote a more efficient
        trading experience.

    Note: ScottradeELITE saves the Web Browser window to a layout. The data inside the browser window cannot be saved to a layout.





intraday reversals with the Divergence on Volume Indicator

6. Redesigned Premium Data Services subscription
    wizard streamlines the subscription process.

            Now available in Market Depth, an improved workflow offers a more
            intuitive subscription activation or subscription change experience.





McClellan Oscillator Indicator

7. Add a new column to your Positions window to see     Today’s Gain or Loss for your equity positions.

  • The calculation is based on the gain or loss for your positions since
        the previous market close (marked-to-market).
  • The Today’s Gain or Loss data point offers another way for you to
        track your investments and monitor their market performance.





Load the last layout used

8. View annual earnings1 for the security you’re

  • To show the annual earnings event type, add the Events column to
        any of the following windows:
    • Watch List
    • Positions
    • Detailed Quote
    • Top Performers
  • To show the Earnings icon in charts, in the main Chart Settings
        configuration, select the ‘Show Earnings’ check box. Hover over the
        icon to view event details.
  • When annual (fiscal year-end) and quarterly earnings occur on the
        same date, ScottradeELITE displays both.

        Quarterly Earnings data displays in Charts tooltip, and now so does
        Annual Earnings as well (see image).





Load the last layout used

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