What's New in ScottradeElite?

ScottradeELITE offers real-time market analysis, streamlined idea generation and an intuitive design so you can be ready to move at the speed of the market. Whether you’re planning your next move or acting on a developing market opportunity, ScottradeELITE’s powerful tools, independent research and extensive education can help you make informed decisions.

Release 17 introduces several new features and enhancements outlined below. Check back with us soon as we continue working to elevate your trading experience.




ScottradeELITE screen

8 New Ways to Use ScottradeELITE:

1. Recognia Options Ideas® provides ideas for
    options traders.1

  • Each idea includes an annotated chart, the potential target profit and
       the potential maximum loss and commentary.
  • Recognia Options Ideas is accessed, along with all other Recognia
       products, from the drop-down menu under the Research tab.





Recognia Option Ideas

2. Enhancements to the Market Depth window help
    make trading easier and more efficient.

  • Following a complete redesign in the previous release, new features
       are now being added to enhance the active trader experience.
  • From Market Depth, click the Bid or Ask column and a pre-filled limit
       or stop order ticket appears at that specific price.
  • Right-click any column to place trades, set alerts and open your
       selected symbol in other ScottradeELITE® windows.





Enhancements to the Market Depth Window

3. Apply the transparency setting to the Moving
    Average indicator so that price information on the
    chart can be seen more clearly in certain

  • With the capability to control the transparency, the price data on
       your chart is not obstructed when using a thicker moving average
       line or when several moving averages all converge in the same
       general area.
  • You can customize the line transparency from the Moving Average
       configuration menu. With your mouse, drag the Transparency slider
       to the right to make the line more transparent or drag the slider to
       the left to make it less transparent. The slider moves on a scale of
       0% (no transparency) to 100% (total transparency). 





Apply the Transparency Setting to the Moving Average Indicator

4. Plot a moving average where the line color
    changes when the slope of the line changes

  • Applying this new visual option to any moving average makes it
       easier to spot changes in the trend direction as they develop.
  • Fully configurable settings allow you to:
    • Customize the colors of the moving average to highlight
         periods when it is rising and periods when it is falling.
    • Set the transparency so that price data is not obscured when
         using thicker moving average lines or when multiple moving
         averages all converge in the same general area. 





Plot a Moving Average Where the Line Color Changes

5. Enhancements to the Horizontal Line drawing tool
    in Charts give you greater control when lining up
    the horizontal line with a specific chart point.

  • When you select Horizontal Line from the Drawing Tools menu in
       Charts, a configurable Price field now allows you to set an exact price
       for the horizontal line.
  • This tool can help you pin the horizontal line to a very specific level
       that otherwise may be difficult to achieve with the click-and-drag
       operation. This is especially useful when plotting the horizontal
       line on a chart where the price scale is more compressed. 





Enhancements to the Horizontal Line Drawing Tool in Charts

6. Plot the earnings data in your chart with the new
    Earnings indicator.

  • Select Earnings from the Indicator menu in Charts to plot a visual
       representation of the projected2 and historical3 earnings for a
  • Quarterly high/low estimates, consensus, actual and expected
       earnings are displayed, with a shaded region for future expected
  • Analyze past earnings as well as future anticipated earnings to
       identify potential correlations between the earnings trend and the
       trend of the stock price.
  • Earnings data also can be displayed in the data window –
       information that matches the data you get when you point your mouse
       to an Earnings icon that can be displayed at the bottom of a chart. 






Plot the Earnings Data in Your Chart with the New Earnings Indicator

7. See dividend history in your chart with the new
    Dividends indicator.

  • Select Dividends from the Indicator menu in Charts to get a visual
       representation of the dividend amount paid for a specific security over
       your chart’s time frame.
  • Past and current dividend amounts are displayed, with a shaded
       region for future expected dividend amounts.
  • See the historic trend of the dividend, noting especially if it is rising or
       falling over time.
  • Dividend data can also be displayed in the data window –
       information that matches the data you get when you point your mouse
       to a Dividends icon that can be displayed at the bottom of a chart. 





See Dividend History in Your Chart with the New Dividends Indicator

8. Add the Volume-on-Price indicator to your chart to get a clearer picture of potential support and resistance levels.

  • See the level of trading activity that has occurred at various price
       levels. The indicator combines price and volume to identify areas of
       potentially significant support and resistance. Specific price levels
       that have been marked by higher volume (longer horizontal bars)
       indicate greater market participation at those levels.
  • These higher volume areas called out by the indicator can be used
       as another source of information to help confirm generally recognized
       levels of price support and price resistance.
  • The indicator is also customizable, allowing you to choose bars that
       can be displayed with either a left or right orientation, and also
       allowing you to display the bars using various levels of detail. 





Add the Volume-on-Price Indicator to Your Chart

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