What's New in ScottradeElite?

Serious traders need the right tools to plan and execute their next trade. Our commitment to continuous innovation ensures our ability to deliver a powerful platform that has the tools you need to navigate today’s markets.

Release 18 introduces several new features and enhancements outlined below. Check back with us soon as we continue to make advancements to the platform to elevate your trading experience.




ScottradeELITE screen

7 New Ways to Use ScottradeELITE:

1. Analyze option trades in the enhanced Account Performance1 window.

The Account Performance window has been updated to support option transactions.

  • Options that are exercised, assigned or expire worthless will use a closing value of $0. Only standard and mini options are supported.
  • See three distinct views: Realized G/L, Unrealized G/L and Net G/L – as well as Win % and average dollar size of your wins and losses.






2. Cancel and modify trades in the Market Depth window. 

The newly redesigned Market Depth window continues to evolve with new trading capabilities. The newest enhancement includes the ability to modify or cancel an order right from the Market Depth window.

  • When an order is present for the displayed symbol, simply click and drag the order badge to modify the order price. Only limit orders or stop-on-quote orders can be modified by click and drag. Other order types can be modified by single clicking to open them in an Order Entry window.
  • To cancel an order, click the X button on the order badge.
  • The display of Open Orders can be turned on or off. From the window menu, click Configure and check or uncheck the Open Orders check box.






3. Perform in-line editing of Watch Lists.

New and improved Watch List navigation can help you customize your list of symbol selections easily.

  • Simply type a symbol in any active Watch List row (highlighted in purple) to either add a new symbol or replace an existing symbol quickly.
  • Should you change your mind after typing a replacement symbol, press the Escape key and the original symbol you were about to replace is returned.






4. Adjust transparency settings for Drawing Tools.

With the capability to control the transparency, the price data on your chart is not obstructed when you use a thicker line for select drawing tools.

  • You can customize the line transparency from the Drawing Tool Configuration menu. With your mouse, drag the Transparency slider to the right to make the line more transparent or drag the slider to the left to make it less transparent. The slider moves on a scale of 0% (no transparency) to 100% (total transparency).
  • The new transparency setting is available for the following drawing tools: Trend Line, Ray, Extended Line and Speed Fan Lines.






5. Add Volume Filter to Market Movers.

The Market Movers window now has Volume Minimum and Maximum values. Use the Minimum and Maximum filters to screen out stocks with very little volume or use it to focus on stocks with very large volume.

From the Market Movers menu, click Configure and modify the Volume Minimum and Maximum values at the bottom of the window.






6. Change browser selection in Global Settings.

The Internal web browser has been further integrated into ScottradeELITE, allowing the choice to have all web page redirect links open inside of ScottradeELITE or externally in your default web browser. The Internal setting allows you to access Help, and other common websites from within ScottradeELITE for a more efficient workflow.

From the Settings menu, click Global Settings and then select either Internal or External for your browser preference.






7. Navigate quicker with hot keys.

Use the new Cycle through Windows hot key to move efficiently between attached windows in your layout without using your mouse.

  • Use the pre-defined hot key Control+Shift+Z to cycle between windows.
  • If you have already defined the hot key Control+Shift+Z for another task, you can change your hot key designation(s) by clicking Hot Keys from the Settings menu.






Recent Updates

1The Account Performance window attempts to match entry and exit trades to closely estimate the gain or loss. The numbers depicted are based on a First In-First Out calculation within the selected time range, which includes the commission amount. The calculation is not designed for equities or options affected by corporate actions, reorganizations, dividend payments, or securities transferred into or out of the account via ACAT methods. Any positions impacted by these or other similar developments will be subject to an alternative calculation, not depicted here. The calculation of gain or loss does not factor in transaction fees, wash sales, or other potential strategies. Please see the Gain/Loss Tax Center on the Scottrade website for more position-specific information.

The analytical tools described are for information purposes only and their use does not guarantee a profit. None of the information presented constitutes a recommendation by Scottrade or its affiliates to buy, sell or hold any security or financial product or instrument, or to engage in any specific investment strategy. The choice to engage in a particular investment strategy or use a specific investment tool should be based solely on your own research and evaluation of the risks involved, your financial circumstances and your investment objectives.

Market volatility, volume and system availability may impact account access and trade execution.

Any specific securities, or types of securities, used as examples are for demonstration purposes only. None of the information provided should be considered a recommendation or solicitation to invest in, or liquidate, a particular security or type of security.

Indexes are unmanaged and one cannot directly invest in an index.

Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Detailed information on our policies and the risks associated with options can be found in the Scottrade Options Application and Agreement, Brokerage Account Agreement, and by downloading the Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options and Supplements from The Options Clearing Corporation, or by requesting a copy from a Scottrade® branch office. Supporting documentation for any claims will be supplied upon request.

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