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Your trading strategy and our sophisticated technology are a powerful combination. The ScottradeELITE platform offers numerous online tools that fit the way you trade. Explore independent investment research tools, advanced charting indicators and account performance data so you can respond to market shifts with confidence.

Release 19 introduces several new features and enhancements outlined below.

3 New Ways to Use ScottradeELITE: 


1. Use the new Contix tool to find trading opportunities based on scans of social media and traditional media for breaking news events.1

The new Contix tool in ScottradeELITE uses an algorithmic approach that identifies breaking news events from a wide variety of social media sources.

  • Important financial news events today often break first on social media.
  • Contix only sends alerts that present relevant breaking financial news events while filtering out noise.
  • Easy to use and customize; choose how you want to incorporate the data in your trading decisions.

2. Apply the Ichimoku Cloud Indicator to your charts.

This indicator defines the direction of the prevailing trend, highlights areas of support and resistance, and can be used as a tool for entering and exiting trades.

  • Five separate plots are calculated from the highs and lows for a specific time period.
  • The cloud itself is shifted forward to give an indication of potential support and resistance in the future.
  • The trend is regarded as positive when price is above the cloud, negative when price is below the cloud, and neutral when price is within the cloud.

3. New Hot Key navigation: Cycle through tabs in the active window (Control + Shift + G).

Use a pre-defined hot key to advance efficiently between tabs in the currently active window in your layout without using your mouse.

  • If you have defined the hot key Control+Shift+G for another task already, you can change your hot key designation(s) by clicking Hot Keys from the Settings menu.
  • The following windows support the hot key Control+Shift+G functionality:
    • Watch Lists
    • Charts
    • Option Chain
    • Standard Order Entry

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